Internet Identity & NNS front-end dapp FAQs

How do I know if my device supports Internet Identity?

Internet Identity takes advantage of the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) API to provide secure cryptographic authentication. While WebAuthn is supported by many of the most popular browsers, it is not supported by all. If you have any issues, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Check if your browser supports WebAuthn.
  2. If your browser is supported but you still cannot access Internet Identity, you may have encountered a bug. Please let us know by filing a ticket to help us resolve the issue:

See here to learn what Internet Identity is and how to use it.

To see a walkthrough of Internet Identity watch this demo:

If I lose my device, can I still use Internet Identity?

If you have an Identity Anchor tied to only one device and you lose that one device, you will be locked out. As a best practice, we recommend adding multiple devices multiple devices and recovery mechanisms to every Identity Anchor.

How do I add more devices to my Identity Anchor?

To add more devices to an existing Identity Anchor, please see the guide here.

I can’t log back into my NNS dapp, what should I do?

This may be a simple issue the DFINITY Foundation can help with. Please let us know by filing a ticket here:

The users of a dapp I built do not have WebAuthn-supported devices, can I still build dapps for them on the IC?

Since the Internet Computer is a general computing environment, you can still have more traditional login systems (username/password) for your app. Several of our community developers are building different authentication models for the Internet Computer without using WebAuthn.