Who is the founder of the DFINITY Foundation and Internet Computer project?

Dominic Williams is the Founder, President and Chief Scientist of the DFINITY Foundation and Internet Computer project. He hails from the UK but moved to Palo Alto, California in 2012, and continues to travel among the various operations DFINITY maintains around the globe. He has a background as a technology entrepreneur, distributed systems engineer and theoretician. His last major venture was an MMO game that grew to millions of users, which ran on a novel horizontally scalable game server technology he created. More recently, he has distinguished himself through contributions to distributed computing and crypto theory, with works including Threshold Relay, Probabilistic Slot Consensus, Validation Towers and Trees, Puzzle Towers, The 3 E's of Sybil Resistance, and the core architecture of the Internet Computer and the framework it provides for hosted software.