Who will use the Internet Computer?

If you are an entrepreneur, developer, or enterprise looking for better ways to build software, the Internet Computer presents an unprecedented, unfolding opportunity. All of this will accelerate because the Internet Computer is expanding the functionality of the public internet — from a global network to also becoming a public compute platform. Many will use the Internet Computer to reduce complexity when building websites and enterprise systems without the need for legacy technologies such as cloud services, databases, and firewalls. Entrepreneurs and developers will take advantage of the emerging “open internet boom” to create pan-industry platforms, DeFi apps, and open internet services by building reimaged software directly on the public internet. Through the use of canisters, users can simply deploy code, store data, and process computation through the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). The Internet Computer is infinitely scalable as well as decentralized, allowing for applications to exist on the Internet in perpetuity. This enables users to build and deploy open internet services that can “run on the network itself rather than on servers owned by Facebook, Google or Amazon.” -MIT Technology Review